It’s a Conspiracy I tell you!

You know when you have one of ‘those’ weeks? You know, wake up Monday morning, all seems to be well, the start of a new week and then, by the evening the trend for the week is set and it is all downhill … and this does not mean more economical.

Yes, we have the ‘James’ ongoing situation, we have the neighbours from hell who have stolen my stuff and the companies who don’t seem to give a shit even though they gave it to them! We have the car which we are now told we won’t have before the wedding because it was damaged in transit and somehow this is all jolly unfortunate but guess who has to foot the bill for sorting out the mess it causes (grr). We have James sister, Emily pissing Daisy off and being really rude, we have the Post Office who can’t organise a piss up in a brewery unable to tell me with any certainty whether or not I shall get the letter I paid to be delivered, the second this week which someone didn’t put the correct postage on. We then have the issue of the money I lent someone which would be paid straight back because the money was sitting in the account … only, it wasn’t and now I am being told I am the bad guy for asking to be repaid!

In summary, quite a shit week … yes, of course, some of it was also rather cool, not enough to balance out the shit but even so, had the shit not been there it would have been amazing. I tried to get it all resolved this week, I have resolved zero % 🙁

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