Fookie, whatsit, bum cracks!

Fooking Pinnacle and their crapinastisity!

“We’ll give you a refund” – “Go ahead and reorder and we’ll make sure you get the sama package”

well, that was bollox!

Today, my neighbour … yes, UPS once again delivered to a neighbour, handed me a package. It was not, as expected, the software plus all the extra items I ordered, no, it was only the software. According to the paperwork, that was all I ordered!

I checked back and, sure enough, that was what the email confirmation said as well, ‘that’s weird’ I thought myself.

So, I did some checking in the only way I could. I checked my browsing history and cache in Firefox for the time and date of my order and there is was, a still active website on the Pinnacle server clearly advertising what I had ordered as being the software plus around half a dozen other items yet, on checking, when one clicks on ‘buy now’ the description reduces to ‘Boxed item’. It totally is not clear that the order has been reduced from that advertised (visually) to that actually being offered. The button is the self same one I clicked previously in order to receive my order … you know, the one UPS handed to the Krays of my street. No, actually, that’s insulting the Krays. So, I had every reason to expect to receive what I had been sold.

You may imagine, I am a little but fooking fooked off!

Citroen called earlier too … the car will be at the dealership Friday morning … whether it is in time for me to collect it or not they cannot say, only that the dealership will have it in the morning. They have given me a compensatory, good will gesture. It is one of those ‘experience day’ things so we need to choose which we want to do when we get it … quite like the idea of the makeover and photo session.

My sim has been deading itself laterly … my phone just keeps telling me there is no card in it and then there is and not and so forth. I call Virgin Mobile …. yes, they can swap that for me … they do need to kill the existing one totally of course so I won’t be able to use my phone at all oh, it may also take several days for the new one to arrive, quite possibly early next week!

So, I am without phone number now. I do still have a mobile to use and take with me, some will and some won’t have the number of that. If someone wants it and doesn’t yet have it, please text Deej for it or call me on the landline. Normal service will resume with my normal number as soon as possible.

Very busy day tomorrow, most of the morning will be really boring 🙁

Roll on Friday

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  1. actually, i hang around with the 'Duston' crowd and to be honest James doesn't say much about sean and daisy. As much as we talk about it sometimes, Sean is there and he doesn't say anything. James is actually being ok with it, I spoke to him about it.

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