I love it when a plan comes together, when hard work pays off and I can rest easy knowing there really isn’t any better I could have done.

  1. The software company have agreed to supply all missing software and pay the full cost of postage
  2. We finally got our new car friday afternoon and a special gift from Citroen by way of an apology
  3. Our Civil Partnership was a massive success … by which I mean, it went at least as well as we could ever have hoped it would.

The statitsics of yesterday are as follows:

  • 41 people were with us at some point during the day to join in the celebrations
  • 12 were sadly unable to attend or declined our invitation
  • 16 either never replied to our invitation or just failed to turn up after agreeing to attend

Nothing got broken!

All three speeches went really well

For what seems to me the first time since 1986, the sun was shining, I am thankful. There were no arguments, loads of people laughed and got otherwise merry.

We received some lovely gifts … only one person, through no fault of their own, got us something we shall have to return but, no harm done and they were along the right lines.

The only downer for us was just how early most people left, we would have liked the fun to have gone on longer.

Now, onwards … have not yet done the holiday packing … oh hell, I hate this bit! Check everything twice and, quite possibly another couple more times just to be sure … to be sure.

This is the last blog entry for a couple of weeks at least.

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