All did!

Today we managed to complete our list of theme parks! So, we have done …

  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Seaworld
  • Universal Islands of Adventure
  • Universal Studions
  • Busch Gardens

Our illness is restricting me from doing the big rides. I did Exhibition Everest but it was really too much for me, got me choking so not good.

We want to return to Epcos because we couldn’t do Saurin or Test Track last time, ran out of time. we’d also like to pop back to Hollywood Studios to see fantasmic but if we don’t, it’s no big deal.

Busch gardens is impressive in what it has though the implimentation needs a lot of work. It’s like they spent loads on rides and exhibits, which is cool, but then forgot to get in the little extra glitz to make it special.

Today we went to Clearwater Beach. Boy I love that place! It is probably the first place I have been since being here where I totally relaxed. It is soo laid back. The warmth of the sea is incredible and th sand so white. It’s impossible not to be impressed. The only sad thing was the rubbish on the beach despite there being plenty of litter bins which were not over flowing.

Tomorrow is Epcot, the day after, probably Cocoa Beach … we are determined to see some alligators before going home.

Called Andy to say happy Birthday, not sure he appreciated me doing that whilst paddling in the Gulf of Mexico in 30C but hey, not many of his mates would have called him from 3000+ miles away!

Loves my Daisy and Sean … wish others would stop giving them a hard time and remember what friendship is all about.

Love it here but looking forward to being home too.

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