I am really REALLY tired!

Today I have been on the go since … yesterday with one thing and another.

One thing I am pleased about is deciding to talk direct with James mum. Quite possibly this was a positive thing to have done, I hope she also got something from it and perhaps has a better understanding of the way I work and think. I really hate it when people presume I am a certain type of person before they have got to know me.

We almost had a bad misunderstanding earlier over Joshua’s birth registration. I am glad there was some intervention (divine? who knows?) to sort out that one before it became an issue. I do wish though that James could accept the situation as it currently stands … Sean is here, he lives here and it would be stupid for him not to do things to help out with Joshua who he has become very attached to. Its unfair then for James to get uppity about this and threaten that it is so not going to happen. James, please, from Joshua’s point of view there is no issue with having two great dads, it can only be a good thing for him if both of them make a special effort to get along for his sake. It could well be with Sean here so much that he just simply does know more about how to deal with JJ than James and no way should James see that as a threat. James will always be Josh’s dad, nothing can change that and no one is trying to. So far, with a slight glitch last week, he has proven to be a very good dad. Josh though, does not need to see or hear anyone get angry around him so, if Sean makes a suggestion or says the way something is always done, James, please, just accept gently in the spirit of friendship and love that it is meant, it’s not a challenge to you, your place in Josh’s life is secure as long as you want it to be.

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