Fook and poo cakes

I found out something this evening which may well change everything, my entire attitude toward one individual to the extent that, quite possibly, and I am still not certain, the era of cooperation is over.

Some weeks ago, someone was entrusted with some information and it was made clear, totally clear, with no shadow of doubt, that this information was to be kept secret. Under no circumstances was it to be shared with anyone at all and, if it were, the consequences would be rapid and dire for all concerned. Well, it turns out that they could not keep their mouth shut, that despite the warnings they had to go tell people anyway. How so fooking stupid can some people be? Why can they not see and accept that some things have to be kept secret and honour their agreement?

I am, for obvious reasons, not going into what the subject matter is, effectively, the thing in question is now totally resolved. But, it is one of those things where certain individuals would argue, no smoke without fire and all that. The fact that, in this case, there is no fire would be unimportant to the feeble minded, they would react anyway and place too many people at risk to take a chance.

Why? That’s what I just don’t get, why would someone risk everything just to gossip?

We have known for many months this person is an outright liar, there is no doubt about that at all. we have so many witnesses prepared to stand up and tell the truth it is unreal, they are pissing that many people off.

I want this to be resolved in a friendly way, I want things to be good. I fear though that the ONLY way is by removing it from our hands and placing it official hands where maybe it should have been many months ago.

Quite possibly we need some proper advice here. I am convinced now I have been taken for a mug for too long, enough is enough. What I need to think about now is, do I work my miracles on my self in an attempt to convince ‘me’ that I should keep trying or, do I do what most people would do and throw in the towel. I think, the answer will, one way or another, come to me later on this very day.

For now, please read this as no more than me typing out some thoughts, it doesn’t mean I am going to do anything, I just need to know these thoughts are out there.

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