Friday 30th October 2009

Mad dash to Milton Keynes this morning as we were all in the mood for some meatballs from Ikea and lovely they were too.

This afternoon James came over, first time he’s seen Josh since 16th October. He called asking to see him yesterday. Being a bit of a busy day today, well, this afternoon for sure, she suggested he came over about 3 until 5 (ish). He turned up at 3 and stayed until 4:50 though, the (ish) part meant he could stay until at least 5pm.

There were no apologies for the wishes of death upon us, the insults to Deej, the statement on Facebook that he’d kill me himself for want of a gun, none of that. But, apart from that and a few minor niggles, all seemed well.

Third hand news though, apparently, how true this is I don’t know, he’s written on Facebook that he was given no privacy whilst he was here.

He spent the entire time in Josh’s room. Daisy and Sean were in their bedroom where they would normally be that time of day, Deej was only here part of the time and then, in the office, Zoey was in her room and I was either in the office or in Daisy & Seans bedroom, all quite normal for us lot. The baby monitor was on but then, it always is and it could have been turned off for want of asking, we didn’t even think about it until this apparent comment, we certainly didn’t pay any attention to it.

So, if true, again, another visit which had to be critisized rather than appreciated, why?

Basically, the best thing for Josh is that we all at least try to get along, I just don’t understand why James has to be posting negative comments about us all the time?

True. I don’t know for sure it is true though, I am sure someone will send me a screen grab some time soon, there are enough interested parties volunteering such things. I don’t need to post this here but, it’s my release, always has been and, I feel justified being honest on here. Whilst untruths exist elsewhere on the net, I use this space to tell anyone interested, the way things really happened.

Have a lovely visitor this evening who stopped for dinner and, as usual, another busy Saturday for tomorrow.

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