Oh Dear ,,, oops, I did it again

Spent money!

I decided that if I am to be the maker of the family archive in the moving image sense then I need a machine which can handle the latest technology and enable me to actually edit raw footage! I mean, we got back from Florida months ago and still there is no home movie to watch … I have a backlog now of video to edit and it’s just not good enough … I know what I want to do but this machine just won’t do it … grr.

So, today I ordered my next PC and a new monitor to go with it, a bigger one so I don’t have to sit so darned close either!

That this new machine can, coincidentally play games at the highest spec possible is neither here nor there!

One slight issue, it is black and red and I just can’t see how that is going to work in here.

I think I may wanna sleep soon but, I have gotten so used to late nights I don’t quite yet feel exhausted enough to settle.

Why is it I always have this urge to play my keyboard really loud just as everyone else goes to bed? It’s not to annoy them, I just have no idea everyone else is off to bed and get this urge to fondle the black and whites.

Another sorta busy day tomorrow but, then again, not entirely as busy as it could be which just means sod all really!

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