Is it all worth it/

C’Mon, we all ask ourselves that at some point if we’re honest don’t we?

Well, yeah, I do too. Not to the point of ‘doing anything silly’ but certainly to that point of thinking over my life and seeing if the good stuff is worth the poo.

There are some moments in my life I shall treasure, some more than others … here are some of the people in my life who have made me a happy bunny … this is not to be confused with, people I have never had issues with, just those who have made my life a better place …

The one thing all of these people have in common is, in one way or another they are no longer in my life and whilst the memories are always there and always amazingly heart-warming, those times are in the past. To explain, kids, as they grow, develop and lose personalities so, as parents, we get used to countless different people, different attitudes, behaviour. As they grow up and become adults, they are different people to the kids I used to know, still amazing just not the same. They may not want the hugs any more, think they know all about life and don’t need their dad, move on and find other people to love. It’s as things should be but a feeling of loss all the same.
Of late, there have been some events which have been incredible in themselves …
Thing is, even when these moments have passed, they still happened, the memories are always there
As we go through life, there will be new memories to join them, new sorrows and a whole load of mumdane stuff we will most likely forget
One advantage I have of being 46 is that I know life has many new experiences just around the corner, it’s up to us to stick around long enough to find out what they are. Some will be amazing, like the times and people above, some quite boring and yes, some will be pure shit, it’s the life balance. Treat the shit as fertilizer, they are the times that enable us to grow and mature to be able to appreciate better the many things which can actually make us happy.
I feel OK, I hope you do to but, if you don’t … remember, I have love and happiness to share. I have not yet and nor do I intend to even manage to hate anyone. I am a fountain of forgiveness and I believe very strongly that there is no point forgiving unless it is total and, to be honest, yes, that opens a person up for abuse but better than going through life any alternative way dismissing countless people along the route as not worth the bother.
If you, as the reader of this, ever feel the need to talk, you know where I am. If you ask me to keep it confidential, that’s what I do. If you don’t, I may tell anyone I feel should know to help you or to help me.
No matter how bad we think things are, if we step back just a little, we’ll see what’s good around us, so, start looking and stop fretting.

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