Apologies for (apparent) duplicate blog

It is not quite the same, I correct one paragraph placement mistake which made it look kind of screwy.

and … on to today.

Strictly speaking, that’d be yesterday or, whenever it happens to be when you read this.

Tried to book up the ‘experience’ things we got for our wedding … oh dear 🙁

Our ‘Red Letter Day’ could have been amazing had I only not been so damn busy. Had I arranged it last month we could have gone see ‘Avenue Q’ but, as it happens, the entire offer has ended now to be replaced with a similar offer but without Avenue Q and in a different hotel one which says on their site ‘Building work continues on the lower levels and some noise may disrupt clients’. Oh joy, so I go see a show we don’t really want to see in a hotel that is going to keep me awake … not overly impressed. They have said I can transfer it to a deal of similar value or wait until they have their new selection of shows in January. I don’t know whether to do that or just book a relaxing overnight stay in a hotel with dinner included … seems a bit of a come down after a London show thrown in but then, that only included continental breakfast. The other downside of the London option is that we are already knackered by the time we get there and then we have to walk to the theatre and find somewhere that doesn’t require a loan to have dinner. Oh, I really don’t know.

The other one, as provided by Citroen, we have decided to go for the meal deal at the Marriot in Northampton. It’s a 3 course meal, nothing too fancy and local, that sort of appeals. Our other option was a hair cut and makeover followed by a photo shoot but that would have meant Birmingham and more expense.

Daisy has been getting too many headaches. It is probably the medication but, along with other symptoms, it seems more like exhaustion. Will she take a break? Not likely.

Lovely to see Laura here earlier, great to speak to someone intelligent on subjects I am interested in as well as Daisy.

Not a lot else happening …. had a bad experience on Ebay but only a few quid and I got most of it back … also got the money back for the game I ordered which went to the wrong address.

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