One of the most amazing days of my life was when Jermaine was born, it was equalled by the birth of Matt, Zoey and Daisy. Each event so life changing, so amazing I can think of no other similar events to compare except, when Josh was born. How lucky am I? I get to be at the birth of all my children and then, as if life could get no better, I am at the birth of a grandchild too!

They may not know it or even want to accept it because I can be a grumpy old sod at times, but my kids and my grandson are my everything and, my new grandchild too will be added to that list as well as Deej of course. I will reschedule anything for them, do what I can until my death bed for them, they can have my last crumb and my last penny if they really needed it.

When I split from their mother several years ago I could not comprehend then or now ever not being a significant part of their lives. If I have ever made excuses for not being there, not doing something with them or for them, I am sorry. If it makes them feel better, I’d have felt like a failure each time.

Being a dad is just the most incredibly responsible thing anyone could ever do next to being a mum of course. I read about and see these guys who seem to think the world owes them a living, who feel that they qualify to be called ‘dad’ because they want to be. They don’t do anything though, they are not there for their kids, they pay nothing financially or in time. They father their child only when they have nothing better to do. That makes me mad, really mad! Not because it is wrong, and it is, but because these men have no concept of what they are missing out on. Right from the smiles of recognition as babies up to ‘I love you dad’ later in life. All of the effort, the heartache and sacrifices are worth it. No man can be a greater failure than to fail his children.

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