I did it!

I had this problem with a home movie I was putting together, it just wouldn’t write to file. I just kept thinking about it and fretting and then came up with a solution that I thought may work and … guess what? It looks as though it has!

Sadly, I can’t solve every problem I bash into so easily. I do try and see a future problem developing and set things up to avoid it happening but, once things have gone horribly wrong, life just isn’t that easy to sort out.

Because of family/friends politics, my way of dealing with things isn’t always popular. I don’t work in the here and now, I am always thinking long term. That makes it all the more difficult … just like global warming … we all know the planet will one day be screwed but, what is better, wait for it to happen, it’ll be someone else’s problem or, try and slow things down now to maybe prevent it all going horribly wrong for our grandchildren?

I know, grandchildren? Some have barely thought about children let alone their children having children but, it’s amazing just how quickly that creeps up on us … just setting out in life and then, BANG! We are changing our grandchildren’s bums.

Look, I have been around long enough now to know that, given time, very little is ever so bad that good can’t come of it. Very few situations are so awful that given a year or so they cannot be sorted. Relationships in particular are like that. You know, we can really dislike someone in January but, with a lot of work on both sides, by the following Christmas we just feel a little bit silly about it all.

Speaking of Christmas, at this time of year in particular we need to relax and take off the gloves. It is a time of year when even armies on the battlefield lay down their weapons and remember they are people with feelings and emotions for the day. We must surely be able to do that for friends and family even if they have gone a little off the rails? (or a lot)

I am going to propose that we use this Christmas to not forget the past year but just to put those memories on hold for one or two days. We can all do that, it’s just a couple of days. It’ll have to be everyone though, just one person with a hard heart will bring it all crashing down. If it is reality TV, let’s call it ‘Friends for a Day’ where no matter how bitter the enemies, for one day they have to be seen to totally get along … it’s an interesting concept.

Can we all do that do we think? Talk to me everyone. Set aside (I am not asking for you to forget) but set aside the differences for just one day, maybe 2 at a stretch. After that, pick up your gloves or weapons of choice at the door and continue as usual if you wish but …. just for Christmas, let’s pretend eh?

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