Ear Ear

Oh dear, ear … I seem to have blown it  🙁 Judging by the way it feels and the blood, I think I may be safe to presume my eardrum has gone again in my right ear. Do I want to risk having another operation even assuming they would offer me one? I guess, like always, it’s not the hearing that is the point, it’s the constant infections and with my reduced immunity, I can’t much take the risk. So, I shall give it a few days to settle down and go off to see the doc for a wasted trip because they won’t be able to see anything. That means some spray which won’t do anything so they shall have to send me to the hospital to get it cleaned which will takes weeks. Then they will tell me they can’t do anything because I am only there to have it cleaned but the ear drum is broken so I shall have to see my GP to make an appointment to go back. If I am lucky, I may see someone late summer! I am so glad the NHS works so well.

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