22nd February 2010

Good to see Global Warming is affecting everywhere again. Why is it so typical of the UK that we are affected by Global ‘warming’ by getting more snow and ice?


Yes, it is snowing again in Northampton, just how many days of snow that means we’ve had this year, these past few months, I don’t know but, it is too much!


According to Accuweather today also has a high arthritis index, they have that right! However, with a low UV index, I don’t have to worry about sunburn so we have to look on the plus side! If it doesn’t hurt too much to go walking, the air quality is good, well, every cloud has a silver lining I guess. If I don’t die from frostbite and I can walk through the discomfort then I won’t die of suffocation!


But, where could I go to improve all of this? Well, Gran Canaria, right now at 9:25 is 19°C whilst, Orlando, Florida, at 4:25 is 17°C. I prefer the latter for two reasons. One, it is gonna get a lot warmer and, two, I’d still be in bed!


You may be interested to know, I am bored enough at the moment to be, that since 1961, the weather for this area has been quite consistent with average daily temperature for February of 6.4°C … though, it has generally been around –1 – 5°C lately.


Josh says he’d like to type something …


\WGX F VTUUAHHHNNLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL      l, .         jkb  ax; m jnmkm        jnh m ,,,,,,,,,,,


Yes, well, I am not entirely sure that makes a lot of sense but the thought was there and he was very keen to type it and there was even a free burp thrown in for good measure.

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