A Slight Pamper Session

Finally, after weeks of promising myself, I went and got my hair cut …


So, what do you think?


I still have some R&R money and am thinking what to do with it right now!


The cold I have had a for a few days is still hanging on, made worse, as always, because of the damn allergies seeing as I can’t use my spray when my nose is not cooperating! I am feeling a little better now so hopefully not a lot longer and I shall be OK. Out Friday to relax in some wet stuff so better feel better by then.


To holiday or not? (that is the question). I have to wait annoyingly. I have no idea how much cash I am going to have so waiting is the only option  🙁


We do have November and Disneyland Paris to look forward to … only downer is when we find out which attractions shall be inevitably closed.


Gotta be the best racing game of the moment for the 360 isn’t it? I thought PGR couldn’t be beaten but this is quite awesome!


Bit of a busy week this one though next week seems busier. Anyone needing us to be at home need to get booking quick!  🙂

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