Hmm, sort of nothing kind of day

So, why am I writing about it then?


I dunno, bored I guess and trying to clear my brain ready for sleep!


Been creating again. Decided I can’t do anything very creative to the Disneyland Paris site, well, I can’t think of anything at the moment, it’s just too huge. I took a look at my other sites and decided one was ready for a makeover as it has been badly neglected. If I am honest, and I am, it still isn’t what it was intended to be when I bought it. I had high hopes of this little community site for a small village but, I just never get the time to do it justice so, for now, it’ll remain my ‘portal’ site.



It is rather ‘red’ but I thought, what the hell, one of them had to be bold and out there!


No idea what is happening tomorrow. I have not had any calls to tell me I need to stay at home so, if we are in the mood, we may sod off somewhere! (Probably means it’s gonna piss down)



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