I love Ebay but, sometimes it can all go a little screwy. You see, the trick is to bid on several items in the hope that we win just a few. So, don’t bid too high, just estimate what it is likely to go for and stick to it, don’t ever get into a bidding war. Indeed, better yet, bid just under what an item may go for. True, the end result may end up with nothing but that’s part of the fun of the auction, if something is that important, head for the ‘buy it now’ options.

So, armed with this fun and near foolproof approach I set forth to order some baby clothes for the kids, well, who else would it be for? There were loads to choose from and I put in some silly low bids knowing that I’d probably win about a third of the items and that was plenty. Yes, yes, the best laid plans and all that. The whole damn lot of them were won at those stupid bid prices and now I have a huge box of baby clothes and not even half of the won items have arrived!

The moral of this story is, when using Ebay, don’t be a smart arse!

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