I totally despise lies and, by definition, liars.

Just recently someone posted a very public outburst against me and my family, just about everything that person quoted as ‘fact’ could absolutely be countered with photographic or video evidence. What this means is, either they lied in their statement or, over a period of very many months they continually lied and most convincingly too. There was a statement of how one particular person had been hated for over a year and, yet, in a video not very long ago, that same person was stated in front of witnesses on video to be amazing and all manner of wonderful things.

I feel terribly sorry for that person, they just spend their life running from one set of bad lies to another, it is amazing they would find anyone who believed a single word they said any more. This person feeds of others, plays with their emotions, saps them for whatever they can get and then, before they take any form of responsibility, they run away and on to the next person who satisfies their need.

There can be no respect for habitual liars regardless of what they think their motives are. They are amongst the lowest of the low, the scum of the population. With each and every relationship based on the bedrock of trust, how long can it be before each person touched by the liar finally concedes they shall never know the truth and the current ‘reality’ is simply not worth taking a chance on?

People are around me who have had a tough life and retain their integrity, who don’t manipulate and lie, who still strive to do the best by others and who value friendship. Isn’t it just amazing how liars claim to be the victim when nothing could be further from the truth?

I have some sympathy, some feeling for this person still, that is because I am agnostic. I don’t follow organised religion but I believe firmly in right from wrong, in that there is good in everyone. I don’t wish harm to come to this person but, that said, for my own sanity and because I have already given too much of myself to them, they are out of my life, I want nothing further to do with them in any way. After the string of continued lies, nothing they can say or do shall be believable to me.

Right, I needed to get that off my chest, that episode is over, time to move on, there are still a great many people out there in real need who need me and that is where my energy goes now.

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