Why are there two types of Christians? The ones I would trust with my life because I know they follow the meaning of the bible and the other bunch of liars and cheats who put all their wrong doing down to the will of God? Cannot church’s filter the fake Christians out or, are the church’s they go to just the same? I really just don’t know and it is what is totally turning me off religion.

I just seem to have too much experience of the latter and the harm they do to others in the name of God who seems to be able to forgive them for all sort of horrible things. The former I love to pieces. I can spend my life around their love and peace, it is my shared view of religion. The technicalities of what is meant to have happened 2000 years ago or not, it is that ‘they’ understand the point of it. It is not so that the words can be taking out of context or too literally or interpreted to mean something else, it is that this thing was meant to have happened and with many selfless acts people’s lives were made better.

How can someone throw love and respect back at someone with lies and then, in the same text claim to have found God? I’d argue they have found nothing, they have just given up on the closest they got to it. When the fake Christians ignore how good a person is simply because of their sexuality. How they can reject someone not because of who they are but where they live. It is as though, because they go to church on a Sunday, this somehow takes away all their guilt and makes them superior. Because they ‘do’ God that somehow they have the approval of God. Well, were I God I know which group I’d choose. I would so not support people who treated others badly or who sanctioned wrong doing in my name, they would be cast very far away from me. Those people are a public relations nightmare. How can someone claim to understand the ways of God and then disconnect themselves from part of their own family because their relative doesn’t share their views?

Let’s look at Josh’s dad as an example … He has been shown nothing but love from me and support way beyond his deserving of it from this family. The entire time he has lied. He has told people untruths for his own ego and vanity. He has publicly denounced me and us with very harsh words that are simply more lies. He has rejected the blood relatives of his son because he has chosen God! The family he belongs to are not much better. They seem to have allowed all this to happen because somehow, God must have his reasons. All Josh’s dad has to do is say he embraces God and Jesus and all is forgiven, he becomes a good person!

Well, that isn’t right and it isn’t Christian by any way I recognise Christian. True Christians don’t do that. If they did wrong I am sure they would be devastated until things had been put right. It is all about being selfless and self sacrifice. Ego and selfishness has no part in Christianity surely?

The bible cannot be read literally. If it were it would make no sense. The only way it makes sense is if one takes away from it the recurring theme of love, respect and understanding. Knowing those things and, more important, living them, is what makes a true Christian and, I only wish I was not so anti organised religion that I could join them. Too many times bitten.

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