Knackered (again)

My plan for the weekend involved lazing about Saturday and going with the flow Sunday. Well, Ex wife Kris, who was supposed to meet the family in town and provide lunch, went out on the piss Friday night and was too hung over to meet up so I was called in to the rescue. After that I had to do shopping, answer several phone calls, you know, the normal sort of lazing about I do!

The kids all came back Saturday afternoon, I’d manage to grab a bit of sleep as I was totally shattered. We discussed various possibilities for holiday next year but, none of the options was really turning into a definite workable plan that didn’t upset someone. I reached the conclusion I was possibly missing the one possibility I had otherwise ignored, we don’t do a ‘family’ holiday at all but, instead, just me and Deej get away for a break to try and recharge our batteries. I know that will sideline several people and, that upsets me but, sometimes I have to remember that I have a life too and, am getting on a bit so should not keep putting things off for another day!

Plans for next weekend are all sorted. I was hoping a little extra could be sorted but that is looking increasingly unlikely and that’s just a shame.

Today, Virgin Media has screwed up. For a time we lost Phone, TV and Internet, as of writing this, we are still without broadband via Virgin and I am using my O2 connection through my mobile. I am glad I have that option. On the plus side, it is allowing various family members to find other things to do which is no bad thing!

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