I finally made a decision …

On the car!

I today cancelled the Ford, I just didn’t see any point in constantly waiting for a car just for an extra third boot space. Instead I am doubling the boot space with the Renault Grand Scenic …

The reality is, it is just the better car and for way less money. It has the room we need, it is a more normal feel, it is more powerful, it is more loaded with gadgets, no less economical and, almost certainly to arrive earlier than the Ford!

How can I honestly have stuck with Ford for so long with such appalling service?





I have also completed all the essentials for the Disney holiday … and about damn time too! Am still negotiating on the possibility of me and Deej heading back to have a second honeymoon hopefully without being ill and without interruptions.

Got to meet a friend for lunch today, that was certainly nice and good to catch up.

Found out that my week is nearly entirely booked up now so barely any time to do anything for myself.

Looking forward to seeing Matt and Jermaine tomorrow and, Immy of course in town.

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