Up n Down

Am finding that as soon as I clear one lot of work, another pops up to take over and keeping up with it is a pain in the backside with all the interruptions I get most of the time.

As well, I am regularly getting some good news one way or another. This makes me happy  smile_regular

Is it really cold this evening or is it me? Just had a really warm bath and shut all the windows to warm up and, I hardly ever shut windows!

Spent too long trying to explain to a child earlier how, on Facebook, it is not done to download someone’s pictures and then upload them to your own profile as though they were your own and, worse yet, to tag someone else in them! They didn’t get it so I had to report intellectual property infringement. I mean, I try to be nice and to help but, when push comes to shove and they try and make an issue out of nothing then being right is being right.

I finally got an insurance certificate for my car yesterday, only took 15 months! I am so glad I have not been pulled over by the police on one of their routine stops!

Tomorrow I have a pamper day, am very much so looking forward to it. I believe I am going to get a good massage out of it as well which is just as well as they plan for me to do some ‘gentle’ exercise too! Have not had a good massage in months and I am so needing one to relieve pain and tension. I think I should maybe invest in some regular ones if I can afford it.

Should be able to book mine and Deej’s holiday for next year soon. No idea if we can afford it but, if I worried about that little detail, I’d never do anything, fingers crossed.

Christmas gifts … we have all major gifts for everyone already so we don’t really need any more hints. We may still get some small things but, for now, it’ll do!

I feel the need to have a party … who to invite and, do I need a crappy excuse for it? Don’t have long now before we go away so, before or after?

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