Memo to self …

Staying up until 3am is probably not good for my health but … when I have something on my mind I have to do it before I sleep. If I didn’t write a letter or settle a budget, I’d have it running though my head all night long.

I am not happy about the Davies situation. I don’t think it is healthy, I don’t think it is fair, I don’t see how the current situation can persist without doing irreparable damage. I worry that, if things get worse, as they seem to be, that at some point in the future, Josh is going to be the one to suffer. Children do seem to blame themselves for things they don’t understand and, if the adults in their lives don’t have an answer for them, they will construct an answer for themselves which could be very damaging emotionally.

So, I am doing something. I am writing to all those concerned and more. I am hoping that if enough people start talking about the realities down in Kent that they may do something positive to create a happy outcome. Of course, I am very well aware that what may happen is that I could just get an angry backlash. I hope not. I can take the abuse, I have heard it all before, what worries me is, if we don’t get talking it will be left to the courts to decide and, looking at things even optimistically, it is not going to go well in court for the Davies side. The weight of evidence supporting a ‘no contact’ order is almost overwhelming. Court should be the last place any family should want to end up. It just makes lawyers rich and families poorer in every respect.

If any of the Davies family read this, how about we start talking, shouting if need be but let’s move forward to resolve this?

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