Are the cuts going to hit me everywhere?

I found out today (thanks) that Tesco are adjusting their Clubcard Voucher values. Instead of such things as 4X face value for holidays, they are reducing it to 3 come December! Damn and blast them!

Went to London earlier with Tom, boy that was a lot of walking

We started at Euston, technically we started at home but, let’s not dwell … from Euston to the British Museum, got hungry so went to Oxford St for a BHS dinner. Went from there down Regent St to Piccadilly Circus, down to Trafalgar Sq, into the Mall, Horseguards Parade and walked through St James Park. Do you know, I have never done that before! Went to the Palace, because all first time visitors to London have to and this was Tom’s first time. Walked down Birdcage Walk to the Houses of Parliament, around the Palace of Westminster onto Westminster Bridge so Tom could get a picture of The Palace Tower (Big Ben) and the London Eye. From there we walked to Charring Cross where we got the train back to Euston and home.

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