Lack of Updates

Sorry I have not blogged much of late. Many may have me as a friend on Facebook where I tend to post the latest trivia about me. Short one line comments which don’t justify a blog entry.

Another slight problem is that, for various reasons I cannot blog about some current events in my life. If you really want to know you will have to email me personally.

So, what can I write about? Well, I seem to have had one illness after another for the past few weeks and am getting a little tired of it. My body is a bit of a mess but, I’ll get over this.

I am also finding that this being an employer thing is tiring and, sometimes, frustrating. It can mean difficult decisions.

Things are looking good for this year, I have a hope that this could be one of the best years in a long time so I am prepared to overlook the current illness and shaky start to events and look forward.

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