Nearly a month

Since the last lot of updates … mainly as I have a new keyboard which is taking some time to get used to and I’ve not thought blogging much fun whilst my fingers were getting lost on the board!

OK, not so much an up to date summary more a mention of the upcoming changes this year.

The government have set up this benefits system to measure what people should get by what it considers to be the minimum someone needs to live on. The trouble is, it is not a figure all benefits agree on and doesn’t much take consideration of actual costs or circumstances.

Because Zoey stops being of school age this June she stops being entitled to the benefit she is currently getting. Instead she has to go on the replacement of Incapacity Benefit designed for those who medically cannot work. The issue here is, she is currently recognised by one set of benefits as not being able to work but this newer benefit ignores all that and makes her sit an assessment, not just one, but a 13 week assessment before a decision is made as to whether or not she can work. During this 13 weeks she is on a reduced amount which is over £500 less than the full benefit she would be on after they decide she is fit for work. Even once she gets the increase, she is still £1000+ worse off over the year so, the government considers that, out of college she costs £1,000+ less a year than she does in college. The irony is, she will probably still be in college so, her actual costs have not decreased at all, indeed, may well increase!

To make matters worse, Daisy decided not to continue in education not only stops the financial support for her but also for Sean so I lose another £128 a week on top of the (at least) £20+ a week I lose from Zoey. True, they can either work (Daisy) which is preferable or, claim something in their own right. If they do that, they’d get £120 a week meaning a net family loss of £7 a week. No matter how I look at this I am going to lose at least £27 a week or £1404 a year! So, that’s how the scheme of giving people what they need to live on. That figure is recognised as keeping people at the poverty line so, reducing it by £1400, what does that do?

To make matters ‘even’ worse, the price of everything in the UK is rising so fast I can barely keep up with it. I am having to look at different ways to cut costs and it isn’t good. I still have some luxuries which could go but, I am hoping every day cuts can recoup the shortfall. What this means is, no giving people lifts if they have their own transport and, that includes legs. No eating out, no take away meals. Birthdays and other gifts have to be cut right back, I just am not going to do this any more.

It may seem terribly selfish but, Deej and I have a holiday planned this year and, I really want to do it. I get virtually nothing back if I don’t. Can I actually afford it? Probably not. Maybe, if budgets are cropped, if we are prudent then it is possible without getting into debt. I don’t want to do this holiday if it means I have to go into Christmas in debt and, if I do, then forget expensive gifts, it’ll be boxes of chocolates all round.

So, this is me for this year, facing a little of a financial mess but optimistic my budgeting skills can keep up provided I get full family cooperation.

The past month or so I have not been well, just one virus after another. I am still not 100%, still have an annoying cough. I do feel more ‘normal’ if that is possible for me. Someone said earlier … “at least the flu season is over” oh dear.

Immy & Josh are growing up fast. Yeah, like all kids they can be loud, smelly and annoying at times but, I love them both to bits, they are truly amazing.

The Carers website is coming along and I am still learning new things. Seems fairly basic but I learnt how to include a pop up survey the other day. Once created I then had the issue of self closing to combat and cracked that too so am a happy bunny.

Main issue with it, if I have to have one (and I do), is that it is too unprofessional. It doesn’t have the polish of a commercial site at all. Yes, it is functional but, that’s about it. I am aware that there is more I don’t know than there is which I know which means, I don’t know enough to get the sort of results I’d like to get.

There, I am so glad that makes sense!

You may find that there is an annoying pop up when you look at this page! Yes, with every new achievement there is a downside! Should it pop up and you feel compelled to say something, please be nice.

What do you think of the colouring? Yes, bores the shit out of me too!



Got some freebie tickets from Disneyland Paris. Decided to use 6 of them and just sold the remaining 8 on eBay for £270, now, that’s what I call a result for something which cost nothing.

March is going to be a challenging month for some teens that I know, not sure how it is going to turn out, I hope all good as I am fed up of the same old, same old.

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