Half way through June already

Where has the time gone?

This Tuesday we get the new car, I want to get excited but, not there yet.

Health problems are still annoying me muchly. Too much pain for too long.

Happy to have Jasmine along as part of the family now. She really is quite lovely and her and Javis work so amazingly well together.

My birthday was lovely, more so for the friends and family than anything else, birthdays are always about who we love to me.

Have an important meeting with social services tomorrow, I hope that goes as well as it should.

Sean starts work at the end of the month … yay! His college grades were good too. He has a lot to be proud of himself for but, he’s not there yet so don’t get too big headed, this means you are firmly on the road to somewhere rather than wandering down a dark alley like you were a couple of years back.

Trust and Honesty are still my two main expectations in life. As long as we all keep to the truth we can work anything out.

I am, at the moment, able to sit down without swearing, this is a result!


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