Nearly August already

The amazing thing is, last time we were only half way through June!

OK, Sean has a job, Javis has moved back home again (14 July), Anne is still pregnant as is Daisy. We have a tank full of tropical fish now, two cold water fish, two hamsters, three rats, two cats and two snakes. Did I have the Seat Copa last time? Not sure, if not then, we do now.

The current MPG is 43, far better than the Renault.

I went back up to Suffolk again for work and relaxation, very enjoyable and restful it was too.

The meeting with Social Services went well and the social worker allowed a little extra to cover the amount I would have to contribute and encourage me to be constructive with the accounting to cover the costs. Also, with Zoey in mind, the DWP have decided that, despite the note from the doctor stating she was ‘fit for work’ that she really isn’t a suitable candidate for employment. Annoyingly though, they won’t increase her benefit level until September! That’s around £70 a week we won’t be getting for all that time.

Still enjoying my photography though I am not getting enough practise if I am entirely honest.

I became a Godfather for the second time to Trystan

Yesterday I went to visit Tony’s grave

I got weepy, like I always do. On the way back to the car though, his daughter Trish, who lives in Tony’s old cottage, popped out and invited me in. Made my day to be recognised and welcomed liked that. It has been 6 years now, a stupid amount of time.

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