Disturbed sleep

For some reason, the past few nights I have not been able to sleep well at all and tonight is the worst yet! I was already feeling restless, in pain and irritable before going to bed not to mention itchiness in various locations which keeps shifting (very strange). Sometimes, I get like this when my allergies have just gone into overdrive. I guess, that would fit. I have been exposed to a whole host of irritants the past few weeks, I shouldn’t be that shocked they’d get the better of me eventually, I always hate this feeling of not being able to breath properly though, it kind of sucks.
Am still feeling there is a lot of take and not enough give in my life, I doubt this will ever change.
Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow, presuming I’ll ever get to sleep, I shall be feeling a little better. Sadly, I somehow doubt it seeing as all the things which set off my allergies are now around me on a daily basis
Would love to say “off to sleep” but, I’m not, am just passing the time waiting to feel different.

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