October 2011

Awesome time in Orlando, loads of pics and video which I may eventually get time to sort out! Great to be with Javis out there, we got along most of the time and, when we didn’t, we hugged and made up and maybe learnt a little more about each other. .

Missed Deej (obviously), actually, I get really quite home sick when away but, it’s good for me to recharge now and then I think

Good listening to WJRR, a totally awesome Orlando based radio station!
Been busy booking the next one for November with Robin. Still some things to do but the vast majority is now booked and paid for.
Suffered Jet-Lag for a few days after our return which must have lowered my immune system so I got some more boils, this time under my armpit … yet more antibiotics! On the plus side, I was starting a diet anyway as I ‘fit in’ too well in the US! The antibiotics seem to lower my appetite so, win win situation albeit I feel sort of crap with the discomfort of the boils and stupidly tired much of the time!
I am probably going to kick myself if I get this wrong as I didn’t put it in my calendar but, I think Zachary was born on August 25th and he’s totally awesome! I have been a terrible granddad and not taken any pictures yet …. bad granddad 
Still waiting on Danny due November 6th and Grace due in December! I think Christmas could be busy!

  I now have an awesome new phone (not so new now) thanks to Javis, Deej has my old Windows phone which is still awesome!
Family life seems incredibly nice and normal now I think. Hardly any arguments or bickering, power games or family politics all making being a dad just that bit more enjoyable than it usually is which is actually pretty damn enjoyable if I am honest!
Immy is growing up so fast .. getting herself to the toilet now already. I remember when Daisy was like that, in a huge rush to grow up it was lovely but, here we are, grandchildren later! Josh too is coming along lovely with his talking even though ‘no’ seems to be his favourite word. He is off for a special weekend with Daddy, gonna miss them both.
Still have the September finances to do, maybe over the weekend!
Hell, there is lots I probably should have mentioned like the awesome sessions on GTA IV on Xbox with the lads, visits to Kent including, to my shame, the ones I have not made! Various meetings, work … oh there are loads of things, sorry, too knackered!

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