Been a busy week …

Where I feel I have achieved what I like to achieve, helping others relax, enjoy life and feel loved
Annoyingly, this damn body and brain of mine are objecting and I feel totally exhausted and need of some TLC and thinking, 28th Oct feels like too long to wait for that relaxing massage!
Have some unfinished things here to do (un-started in some cases) and I am setting Monday aside for those so, please no one think of booking me on that day. Tomorrow, Saturday, is my relax and recover day, again, sorry but I am off limits for lifts and running about all day.
Need to get some plans fleshed out, see what I can settle on for next year. Need all those involved in the Halloween party to talk to each other and decide who is doing and proving what.
Am loving life if I can just stay awake long enough  

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