Did I mention?

The totally awesome decorating done by mainly Daisy & Sean but with significant help from Deej, Chris and Jess? Not to mention, (but I did) the amount of support from Clare (and I think I spent that wrong).

Still looking forward to Florida with Robin and excellent to see him so excited despite his best efforts!

Really looking forward to the birth of Daniel (Danny) and Grace. I know it may seem weird to some that I consider Grace to be my granddaughter considering there is no blood between us but, I cannot consider Javis to be my son without thinking of all his children (it’s OK to stop now Javis) as my grandchildren. That doesn’t lessen my feelings towards my biological offspring, I have plenty of love and energy to go around at the moment … I never have and still don’t do favourites.

Have decided what I want for Christmas, never done that before, quite a unique experience for me and yes, I’d love the Sebring but, let’s get real here!

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