Hmm, life has this way of bringing about changes

Past couple of weeks we have had Adam take over as Zoey’s PA and an excellent job he is making of it, better already than anyone else before him but then, I knew he would be and he was, after all, my first choice when I was first able to get a PA for her, he just wasn’t available!

Nearly a week ago now our Danny turned up rather early! He’s doing fine though and a healthy 8lbs 7oz. I am not sure just which way round it is but suspect that each time I look at Sean I see Danny!

Daisy is boob feeding and managing really well though, somehow I can’t help but wonder how the hell she’s managing to stay awake?

I am a very lucky guy to now have 4 wonderful grandchildren and so need a picture of them all

together, one day, when they are all that much older, I’d love to do a trip with  them all to Disney, it’ll be totally magical to see their faces light up!

Perhaps I need to buy more lottery tickets? Maybe I should stop buying lottery tickets?

Adam has been added to the car insurance which means that I get a break every now and then! It’s lovely to be driven around places rather than having to do all the driving. It also opens up the possibility of doing the holiday Zoey wants to do next year to Spain as, with two of us driving it becomes a lot easier.

Managed to clear a whole host of rubbish both from indoors and the garden. Some was sold, some given away and the rest just dumped. I am pleased to say that nothing got dumped which would have been any use to anyone. One thing I learnt yesterday or, was reminded of, there is a reason why I never went into the removal business!

Hardly any time at all now until I go back to Florida with Robin and really looking forward to it! We have loads of activities planned, some which we may have to forget about but, that’s fine if we do and, if all goes well and we do everything we spoke about, it’ll just be all the more awesome.

Been to see a couple of shows, quite impressed though, they were at a time when I had not quite got my head sorted so I was rather sleepy, I think I am a lot better now.

Been slowly easing back into photography but still need a lot of instruction and practise, the photo editing is also coming along nicely

Took a picture of Chris and was curious to see the results of some concentrated photo manipulation and, I think the results are quite stunning

Can’t be sure that Chris would agree. It often concerns me on the ethics of this sometimes. Am I enhancing a picture or getting the camera to lie? Does it even matter?

I guess I shall just keep working at it all and see what I end up with, I love experimenting anyway so the more the better!

Lighting is my next challenge, getting myself good at dealing with all sort of varying light situations and creating the shot I want. One thing I tried recently was going for a spooky look seeing as we were fast approaching Halloween. In the local forest I saw some trees (no great shock there) and wanted to get one of those shots which make us think, we don’t want to go in there … this is what I ended up with …

I think it works for what I wanted, It was only just slightly on the turn with the light with imminent rain approaching.

Creation seems to be a fair part of photography too, if the shot isn’t there then create it! I often find it isn’t too difficult to get the right angle, a bit of good placement and, voila, the picture I was looking for!





I would be totally misleading to say this was what was actually there, it wasn’t. The tree was just a fallen stump and the Fir Branch was on the floor some way off, I just brought them together! I also wanted to give the impression of a vast ‘logging’ environment, not too easy when there are not a lot of felled trees to choose from. I did find some though and am happy I got what I was going for.

It’s been suggested to me that I should offer some of my pictures for sale, sometimes, when I see them like this, I do think I am wasting a talent I actually may have. Looking forward to seeing what I may achieve given plenty of time and good fortune.

Had a first try at Reiki the other day, was surprised at just how relaxing it was. Am very looking forward to my next session and a little disappointed that this is longer than planned as I had to cancel one for next week.

Not to worry though, I have a lovely day or so planned down in Kent seeing family and friends so, one door closes, another opens.

Had a massage last week and, although it was a lovely offer, it really didn’t do it for me, nowhere near deep enough so, I need to arrange another session with Nathan I think. I’d love it to be Karen but just can’t afford it right now. I did have an Indian head and shoulder massage treatment and that was good but, before the day was out I was aching in the same places all over again and, with proper treatment, it lasts at least a day or two.

Is anyone still reading this far in? Yes, well, thank you very much … if not, I could say just about anything I liked about you now and you’d never know!

Swimming tomorrow, need to get my metabolism working right. Have lost quite a lot of weight the last month but now need to do some toning up as well.

No doubt I have forgotten to mention something and someone will be offended, I am sorry about that … this is just me rambling ‘on the go’ now, not a lot of thought put in or research!

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