March nearly over

My eye should be sorted by the end of May, my ears, I don’t know, if I am pushy enough they may be sorted by the end of April, that would be cool. When I say ‘sorted’ I don’t mean cured just new hearing aids which may actually work, who knows!

My photography ‘business’ got a new name, Wotalife Photographic. I had already placed it on the domain name and took me a while to realise it’d make quite a good name for a business, assuming that is ever what it becomes. I am really not sure where it is going as I don’t really know how to make the transition from amateur to pro whilst not totally buggering up the household finances. I can’t see it, as a money making venture, making a lot if any money for the foreseeable future and, if I head down that route, the benefits get screwed. I’d love to be off benefits but not if it means I can’t afford to pay the bills!

ALL holidays are fully booked and paid for now, am happily looking forward to them and just waiting for something to happen which screws it up. Still not heard from the department for works and pensions whether they are going to rob me of over £700 for their mistake!

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