Good time for an update ….

Just as I am about to write this, Windows Live Essentials decided to do an update and closed it again but, anyway, maybe an update from me by way of revenge?

I am not going to beat about the bush here, Javis Williams is bugging my life! He either crops up as a problem to solve in my dreams, one for which there is no solution so I am waking up as tired as I went to sleep, he crops up on my PC all too often and, by virtue of genetics there is a constant reminder of the guy who chose to have nothing to do with anyone here, deleted us from his life, almost certainly never gives us a moments thought except when he wants some money off someone, he may use the ‘I am so sad I don’t see my son’ card! It makes me so angrily frustrated I am not the sort of person who can just cut people off like that so, just about every day I suffer some hurt because of him, him who doesn’t give a shit! Apologies to his family if this comes across as mean, I cannot (frustratingly) change how I feel and no bugger anywhere around really wants to talk about it so I effectively have to write it down and convince myself I am having a conversation with someone, the elephant in the corner gets annoying sometimes!

That said, New York with Sean was awesome despite Javis cropping up in my mind there too, grrr!

There are way more pictures, of course there are … come visit or look at the collection on Facebook.

Just over a week now until I get my eye done, I can’t wait as it’s really pissing me off! I just so hope my vision returns when I get it done else all this waiting will be for nothing, I hope the damage hasn’t become permanent.

I’ve put way too much weight on, I so need to lose some

One month until Spain, yay, I really great holiday that one shall be … along with all the other ones I am having and yes, I do know how lucky I am.

Finally dumped Motorvogue, their level of service was so low it didn’t register on the scale! Now trying out Milton Keynes in the hope they will be better.

There is a vague possibility that certain benefits could soon be a history thing, watch this space but, I am not holding on for that, life goes on regardless.

All children seem to have had and got over chicken pox, yay! Imogen seems to be totally potty trained, just the tantrums to get over now, parenting never seems to end! Josh is being slightly more stubborn on potty training as boys tend to be … apparently I spent months shitting in the corner!

New hearing aids allow me to hear so much better …. when they are not whistling like crazy which they seem to do just about all the time.

Still trying to get over jetlag, thought I cracked it today, not so sure though.

Happy birthday to Nick Kent, a very merry 41 I believe. A thought just hit me that, if it is his birthday today, it’ll be mine in two weeks time. So doesn’t feel like the time of year for me to be having a birthday, I wonder if the family will have picked up on what I actually would like to receive this year?

Most likely I have forgotten many things of significance but, if I remember any, I’ll write another time.

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