Suddenly a little light went out ….

In my fish tank and that bulb costs over £13! So, I have searched online and come up with some for under £6 which seems way more reasonable!

Popped over to Robin to swap the cars over again after our visit to Kent yesterday and, on filling it up was amazed to discover that Kent and back cost £45! Had no idea that sort of trip would be so expensive, that’s around 17p a mile in Robin’s car, thankfully my car is a little more economical but, not by much!

Met up with Deej earlier, it was pleasant enough but we never moved anything forward in our relationship. In time there may be a clearer understanding of the issues but, right now we are too far apart to get anywhere.

Bought a rug for the photo studio earlier. It’s going to need collecting but it’ll look good and was under £17 compared to all the buy it now offers of £45+

Still been feeling really tired today, I really should get myself checked out

Restarted Facebook … not overly interested in the main thing but I did need it active to get access to the Photo bit of it and, as I now have a working studio again, I need as much publicity as possible.

Watching ‘Hugo’ tonight as a family, I hope it’s good as Zoey has been on at us to watch it for months! Looked at the list of movies on our Virgin flight, seem OK, many I’ve already seen and some I haven’t which look OK.

Not feeling terrible social today, not that I have felt terribly social for some time but not today for sure.

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