Kent was good!

I really must remember that I have a small camera than my DSLR! I keep stopping myself taking the kit and then wonder, when I am there, why I don’t have a camera with me! I think I’ll keep my orange camera in my bag in the future!

Made good time getting there, everyone seemed to sleep well on the journey, except me of course. Lovely to meet Dawn and the kids. Was great chatting, going over the park and generally relaxing, their new home is lovely and I really hope they’ll be able to stay there for a while now after waiting for so long.

Still getting stupid messages from Javis demanding I return this and that to him …. let’s remember for one moment the huge list of what he actually owes me shall we? Strange how, once again he can only remember what he wants, shouldn’t be surprised really, it’s how he thinks. Was dead annoying getting one today whilst sitting at Dawn’s. trying not to show how angry I was and with who, I think she worked it out maybe, shouldn’t happen, just shouldn’t!

Been looking at Robin’s car, it doesn’t appear to have any form of roof bar as far as I can see. That being the case, not sure where the luggage will go taking Matt, Anne and family to Brum airport? They could have busy laps! Just checked, no roof bars at all, not sure the ones currently on the roof box will fit at all but, if not, roof bars are around £130! If the luggage and people can’t fit in one car then it’s double cars which is twice the cost, one for people, the other for luggage. Bit of a bugger really, Matt or Anne, hope your reading this as I’m not entirely sure what to do and there isn’t much time.

Got reiki in the morning, that’s good, means I can start the day off relaxed, maybe I should turn my phone off as I don’t want any more stupid demanding texts ruining my day.

We have ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at the Forum on Weds & Thursday eve, seems like a plan I think if me and Daisy are available. Bought a cheap squash racket for Daisy too so we can start playing squash if she organises some babysitting for the boys.

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