A better day :-)

Today has been quite a good day. I have arranged a few social things, something else to look forward to. Not had to deal with anything overly stressful, they sort of worked themselves out. Still not an amazing day and difficult to call it a good day, more a ‘not bad’ day and I shall settle for that.

I have decided there is nothing can be done about the council issue until they get and deal with my appeal so that’s temporarily put on the back burner. Yes, I may have to quit driving very soon but, it’s not the end of the world, there are alternatives (mostly).

Also today I have opened a line of communication to someone I don’t really know, a possible new friend, just a friend but, that’s sort of cool and what I am looking for.

Someone once (OK, many times) said to me ‘I don’t do sex’ which I now understand to mean, unless it handed to them on a plate so I’ve decided, I too don’t do sex! Of course, I may need to turn the heating up with my ‘broken’ thermostat!

Molly (cat) has been really affectionate lately, she seems to have forgotten she is the mad scratchy one.

I think the car is probably falling apart, I don’t care, it’s not my car.

Am looking forward to the possibility of a new kitchen and bathroom and more plug sockets and quite possibly to the entirely new colour scheme we will have everywhere.

So, instead of feeling totally negative, today I am having some positivity thrown in for good measure. I’m not stupid, I know this can change in a flash but I’m sticking with this feeling for now.

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