A New Week

Did some detailed planning for New York and discovered some other fun things we could do when we are there that I didn’t do last time which has to be good. Going over it again later in the week to be sure we can do them but looking good.

Amazing news … I made a cheeky phone call to Northampton General Hospital about my eye and they can fit me in Friday morning so, all things being equal, I may have my eyesight back again by … OK, I am not overly optimistic how soon that would be but, it will be quicker for the appointment on Friday!

Seems two people I need to hear from are both unavailable today, is rather annoying but, on the plus side, less to deal with until tomorrow at least!

Reasonably free week, yay! Am not using my car for lifts and favours any more, I can’t afford it so, if anyone does need a lift or a favour, sorry (unless you can pay for the fuel)

On a financial note, I am going to have to make some serious cut backs. It’s not possible to reduce my income any more now, it either stays as it is or stops so, I am one of the poor of the UK officially now so looking at my options, it doesn’t look very promising to be honest! But, it’s only money Smile

Contrary to the above statement, New York is really close now, glad I saved for that when I had money!

Mood still reasonably good though, I have felt a few tinges of ‘down’ this morning I am just telling those twinges to fook the hell off!

Nice day with the family yesterday

I am still not interested in Minecraft!

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