Still feeling good ….

Despite some people I though had some respect for me, shitting on me from a great height, well, sod them! If they don’t appreciate what I’ve done for them over the years, how much money I have saved them enough to make a simple phone call, then they can go stuff themselves! What they did deserves nothing short of a total, unreserved apology!

Is lovely weather again today so I went out with Daisy over Errington Park with the boys. Josh wasn’t overly cooperative, I think it is probably because of all the nightmares he is having thanks to a certain person once again screwing with his mind!

My old printer was officially deemed beyond economical repair so I’ve had to buy a new one, was just not managing well borrowing one. Says a lot about the quality of products that it is deemed acceptable for them to last way under 2 years with light use!

A man from the council tells me that he will call me next week to let me know what should be happening there.

Need to do some more detailed planning on New York!

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