Monday Update

Hmm, well, after the Facebook fun of last night I only got one moaning minnie who couldn’t handle the volume of notifications!


I think I might decide not to be gay … or straight or anything else, it’s all too much aggro for my liking! If I did religion I may become a monk but, as religion seems to be the only hobby they are allowed, it might get a little boring!


Sex, I have decided, is over rated, or, at least, such is my experience of it. A lot of thinking for not a lot of satisfaction. I am not entirely sure if that is sex generally or whether my experience of it has just not been what it should be. I am told it gets better with the right guy but, I’m a little concerned that if it’s crap with all the wrong guys then eventually my nether regions are just going to go on strike in protest! Why are bodies so complex? Why do some guys seem to have (or say they have) amazing sex whether they are sober, pissed or plastering the walls with polyfilla?


Money yes, well, I had some, now I don’t, such is life, belt tightening for a month or so. Either I’ve miscalculated somewhere or I am owed a lot of money!


I keep using different fonts yet, I think it’ll just be seen as Times New Roman cos, unless someone has the font on their system, it will revert to default.


If finances recover I am going to grab a short break, most likely with someone I barely know, I want to do something insane.


Ah yes, I set up an event on Facebook! I fancied a party but, trouble with that is, the last one was totally pants and I always end up clearing the mess so, how amazing is this … party at the local pub just under 5 minutes walk away! It’s a great evening even if just two of us go and even better if anyone joins us, a win, win situation I reckon. If you are not on Facebook and want to go along, you wouldn’t be getting this if I didn’t care loads about you so, come along anyway. Even friends recently removed from Facebook, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends it means more a case of, we need to start again, redefine the friendship, decide if you want one or not because, friendships are investments in our future, they need to be looked after.


The snow looked pretty, it’s on its way out now until Friday so, that was that!


Hey, get Spotify!


I will get my Galaxy S3 back soon, hopefully before the S4 comes out!


Did online shopping … loved that one of the items suggested to us was ‘sanity towels’ … LOL! I think we all need some of those.

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