An open apology

I have been really vocal lately about friends, what they’ve done or, what I consider they haven’t done. If I am honest, when I have been hurting, and, this past year I’ve had plenty of reasons to be hurting, I have felt ‘some’ of the people I consider friends ‘could’ have made a better effort. But, I accept that maybe they didn’t realise just how bad things were getting and, of course, they do have their own issues too.


One particular person I have been quite tough on. I feel, as clearly I wrote enough to identify him that I owe Adam an apology and, quite likely, his family too.


Adam is a lovely person with a kind heart, ‘I’ have caused difficulties between us this past year. Yes, it is true to say that Adam is ageist and that has been one of the issues, my refusal to accept his viewpoint. He is entitled to the way he thinks whether I agree or not, it’s none of my business really. So, it’s me who screwed up things there, I should never have pushed for anything other than what there was which was us getting along because I happened to be Daisy’s dad and his mum’s friend. I so need to observe people more and actually listen to what they are saying and stop assuming that anyone and everyone is going to automatically want to be my bestest buddy! I would one day like to be friends with Adam, close friends because I think we have a huge amount in common but, I don’t have the right and neither should I have pushed it. So, sorry Adam for being a dick and sorry too to Sue, Fred and Charlotte for what has probably got back there now too.


I get so much right but, now and then, I royally fuck up! Who knows, one day my brain may actually catch up with my body.


Hopefully this apology is OK, I thought making it public and making myself look stupid was the right thing to do seeing as my previous comments were public too.


I love that family too much me thinks.

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