A rare blog post from me

Yes, sorry about that!


For reasons I am not going into here, I have not written a blog entry for quite some time. Suffice to say, I have had other things on my mind and, all GOOD things


Since my last blog entry I had a lovely stay with Ian & Richard in Twickenham. It’s always good to spend time with them, have intelligent adult conversation. I don’t get that much time to speak to people anywhere near my own life experiences and interests so it makes a pleasant change.

I agreed to do an interview on Gay Parenting for BBC Northampton on 27/8 which I am pleased to say went well, quite enjoyed that. The first time I did one of those things and didn’t even listen to it, how strange!

During September I drove down to Kent to collect Javis and popped into see my friend Don on the way back. Don lives in Brighton so, not exactly a direct route home but well worth the detour. On the way there my car started flashing a picture of a spanner at me. I didn’t pay a lot of attention as it didn’t seem to be misbehaving at all and, if these things are vital, I would have thought a red STOP would be more appropriate. So, I drove on.


Handed the car over to Robin on the Sunday and borrowed his for a visit to Wales

Whilst we were in Wales Robin contacted me to say the car had sort of died. Nothing surprises me with that car. I was really annoyed to find out that the RAC had insisted on sending the car to the very dealership I went to a lot of trouble to avoid this last year. Indeed, I despise them now and know them to be a bunch of liars who couldn’t do an honest days work if they tried.

Needless to say, they have been true to form. They should have contacted me no later than the Friday of that week but, by the Wednesday of the following week (1 week after they got the car) I’d still heard nothing. I called them and got the normal bull shit stories which were inconsistent and clearly made up on the spot to fob me off.

I spoke to Motability on the Thursday, they called the dealers and, got the same sort of treatment as I got, they were no happier about it than I was. Indeed, they have escalated the matter. The dealers now have until Tuesday to have either fixed the car or come up with a damn good reason why not and an expected completion date.Motability have voiced that they may terminate the contract early if a satisfactory outcome is not achieved on Tuesday.

Right now I am driving around in a Ford Focus courtesy car. It’s a fairly basic model and a little confusing. It’s a semi-automatic and has manual override on the gear selector. It also has bluetooth and Dab radio but, it doesn’t have cruise control. It has a panel behind the rear view mirror usually used to house the sensors for rain and light and yet, it doesn’t have either of those go on automatically. Why add DAB radio (which is pants in this car BTW) and not auto lights? Wouldn’t making sure the lights were on be more vital than offering an alternate radio source? Why have the manual selector for the gears and yet, no cruise? Typical Ford I suppose.

Whatever, I shall be glad to see the back of the Ford, it’s uncomfortable and horrible to drive.

Of course, the possibility of an early termination has placed me in a tricky situation … how do I suddenly replace the Seat if they ask me to? Hopefully they will give me some cash back. I have looked at a few cars with Sean and narrowed it down a little so, I do have some idea.


Oh, nearly forgot, since my last blog my divorce came through so I am now single, as in, not civil partnered. It would also be very accurate to say, I am totally not looking any more for the next husband, I don’t think I need to.

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