Yes, there is

Someone, and that’s all I am currently saying on the subject publicly.


My new car (Nissan Qashqai +2) is due next week. It’s in a dark purple colour, a favourite colour of mine I share with all the best people. It’s not affordable and I am horribly in debt but, for once, what the fuck!


Pleased to say that an extra special has been made this week and, on the whole, the house is tidy and clean and a pleasure to be in albeit a little too busy at times and sometimes at the wrong times but, no matter.


Awesome to hear some great mixes going on in the lounge and I don’t just mean the music either. No way am I going to say that ‘it is different this time’ because it is always different until it become the same we expect and have gotten used to. I would just like to hold out a hope that this different becomes the new normal. It would be by far the best outcome for all concerned. Apologies for the cryptic nature of this paragraph.


Got a new batch of coffee today for the Nespresso machine. So far, each has been excellent, do ask for a coffee when you visit.


Finally we have the breakfast bar up in the back room. It doesn’t work particularly well as a breakfast bar but affords us a lot of extra space, practical space both in there and the kitchen, it looks good too. As a bonus, I have not stubbed my toe on the damn thing because it doesn’t sit on the floor in the hallway any more.


I have learnt so much in the past couple of months I never knew I didn’t know and it’s great to know just a few new things about the world. I look forward all the more now to exploring it.


Are we going to win the battle trying to stop Mollie from sleeping where she now likes to sleep? I suspect not. She is a cat, they always win.


It is Danny’s 2nd birthday next Tuesday, I am still undecided what I am doing as yet, we shall see. On Halloween it is Tyler Leeding’s birthday and I have regret we are not friends any longer but wish him a very happy birthday anyway.


Pub Night at the Hopping Hare, Northampton on 9th November, would love to see as many people as possible

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