Hearing news of how my reputation is being ripped apart by false stories about me obviously hurts. It hurts because it means that, to some, these stories might come across as credible because they don’t know me. It might actually stop someone getting helped by me who could really do with being helped by me.
I accept why these lies are in existence, it is because someone gains something from them whether it be the moral high ground or a free lifestyle doesn’t much matter but, ironically, by telling those lies I am actually still being the same person I was when I helped them directly, at least partly, because I exist they are getting some sort of help, support or free ride, call it what you will. It is ironic that in seeking to damage me they are actually acknowledging my worth to them being the same as it always was.
Unfortunately, there will be victims in this, for every lie there is at least one believer. By the time they realise they’ve been duped it will be too late, they will be aware that they too spread those lies about me, they will have to live with that in their own minds,
You see, I know I am a good person. I know my intentions were always good even when I occasionally, perhaps all too often got things wrong. That someone makes up something horrid about me doesn’t change the absolute truth. It’s one of the other things we learn from the books which make the Bible, turn the other cheek. The actions of others do not have to make us a different person, we cannot be responsible for them or their actions. What we do about the abuse they inflict upon us is what defines us, they already defined themselves with their deeds.
I don’t hate, I refuse to because that changes the person I am. I don’t have to hate to remove someone from my life, I just need to learn. Once I have accepted that they have no capacity to accept the love I offer there is no more I can reasonably do.
I do regret the damage my actions caused to the genuine people around me, when I was faced with such a strong need to help and support another human I lost sight occasionally of others who also needed me. Long term though, I think I’d probably do the same again because I feel, though it was hard it was also needed.
The moral here is, if you feel that what you are doing is the right path to travel down then, walk that path just, keep your eyes open, if you see signs saying you’re going the wrong way, don’t ignore them, turn on the satnav, ask for help and get some truth into your new direction.
The above is taken from years of learned experiences, not just with any one individual, I’ve been the real me since around 1998 so, there will always be way more than one such situation.

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