Am Silly Tired

Had a really busy day today but, let’s backtrack

Yesterday the bedroom was turned into a proper bedroom with wardrobe, drawers and so on and my computer stuff and gadgets were moved to another room. I changed my bed clothes, everything looked and worked great.


I stayed up late last night on the Xbox (GTA) and knew I had to get up early. Six hours is normally fine by me, 5 is quite good too so I thought it would be OK. Oh dear, it wasn’t. I seemed to be waking up and each time the clock had moved on an hour or so. By 4am I got up, used the loo, did some relaxation therapy and settled then until I woke at 7:30.

Frustrating part is that I had a really busy day lined up so have just ended up so very tired.

Now would be a good time to go bed but, I am over tired! I know I won’t sleep yet, it’s just silly like this and, I am up quite early tomorrow too.

On the plus side, I don’t have plans for Sunday, I did but now I don’t so, I might sleep a fair bit!

Monday is Essex day

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