Feeling somewhat poorly, let’s just say ‘man flu’ because I don’t know what it is, I find it difficult to remain calm and relaxed. Actually, relaxed is not a word which applies at all right now, anything but!

Anyway, I’ve had to deal with silly people over the telephone and am proud of myself for maintaining a degree of humour and understanding for their predicament even when they were so clearly talking complete nonsense. This is not least because Sean now works for such a call centre and has to deal with people like me calling all day and I know it sours his day when someone awkward calls. Sadly, ‘Molly’ at Ovo Energy was extremely unhelpful and I had need to speak to her boss but, even so, once he had sorted my quite basic requirement, I did ask him to speak to Molly and explain that my assertiveness was not a personal affront on her, that I accept I was probably expecting a result beyond her remit, hopefully that was passed along to her. As for the lady at Scottish Power who asked me what I wanted her to do after I reported an illegal breach of the data protection act, well … I had to inform her that working in a data protection department she should be well aware of what to do when her company is seen to be breaking the law and that if I needed to tell her that perhaps she might be in the wrong profession! Some people are just too dense to work with!

So,my abilities are being stretched. I could do what my body is screaming at me to do and, go to bed but, that’s giving up, not something I enjoy!

As for my mental state, I’ve come to one very obvious conclusion, I’m lonely! I am not a solitary person, I don’t do well with just my own company, I need to be part of something intimate and special. Can’t see any amount of medication, CBT or counselling resolving that one! A lottery win, that would work

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