OVO Energy

I cancelled them nearly 2 months back because they were costing too much … I look at my account with them and it seems they overcharged me, on average, £20 a month based on actual usage. When I left I got charged a £60 fee for leaving and that still left me in credit by nearly £40!

I’ve been trying to get the money back for a while but they say they won’t pay until a 3rd party organisation verifies that the switch was all above board and my meter readings are likely to be accurate! They already done this for gas and I was ‘honest’ there, my last meter readings for electricity were slightly higher than the estimate OVO made so, you’d think they’d take it as a given I am not trying to commit fraud but, anyway …

Stupid me didn’t cancel the direct debit with them, today they took another £163 from my account!

Spoke to OVO, they said they’re entitled to keep taking payments until they finalise everything and they’ll refund me with my last bill which can take up to another 3 weeks!

I mentioned that they are not agreeing with my current viewpoint on the matter (or words to that effect). I then spoke to a manager who said they’d made one or two mistakes and agreed, taking the money was in error as they’d agreed to take no further payments. She suggested I contact my bank. Did that and the money should be refunded this evening. How much longer I have to wait for the final amount OVO owe me is anyone’s guess ….

That said, the council owe me nearly £400, have done for a couple of weeks and I am still waiting for that too. When I pay people, my lovely bank gets it into their account within 2 hours and often within seconds. Strange how many companies ‘cannot’ do the same thing.

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