Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear, BBC confirms – BBC News

Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear, BBC confirms – BBC News.

How typically BBC and it’s Old Boy network that regardless of who Clarkson has attacked over the years they’ve made their excuses and let him carry on yet, he attacks one of the ‘Boys’ at the BBC and he’s sacked!

It says way more about the BBC than it does JC. Even when announcing the news the man from the Beeb was practically apologetic as though, if he could find some way of letting it go he would. I’d not be at all shocked were JC not back on Top Gear in 2016

Now, sadly, this does leave rather a lot of confusion for those booked for a ‘Top Gear Live’ event. I am not entirely sure what is going to happen there but, surely all must be cancelled now? As of the latest I’ve been able to discover, the organisers and promoters are certain the shows will go ahead as planned with the Top Gear presenters, May, Hammond and Clarkson. Whether they can legally use a man sacked from the show to represent it internationally is another question, one which would be a major embarrassment to the BBC.

But, good old Jeremy eh? A bit of a knob says James May, well, that’s kind of an understatement mate. He’s a sexist, homophobic out of touch snob is what he is coupled with a large degree of racism thrown in and total disregard for anyone who doesn’t think how he does.

My personal experience of the man was when he unusually refused to meet the guests on a show he co-hosted with Ruby Wax and his reason was that he didn’t want to spend any more time with that sort of people than he had to … the show was about gay parents.

Perhaps now Top Gear can get back to what it used to be really good at, presenting cars in a fun and entertaining way across the broad range, not just Super Cars. Perhaps it can get back to letting the cars be the stars and not how Clarkson and crew now have it that the cars are almost an annoying interruption to their version of entertainment

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  1. I agree with all you say and I'm so glad this racist, homophobic, sexist idiot has been sacked. The problem is that he will be taken up by another channel so we will have to suffer his horrible face there. Needless to say I won't be watching the programme whatever channel shows him.

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