Lovely Day for it

Yep, today is a good day I think.

Last night, albeit with a little stress, we got through GTA Heist number 4 OK. This may not sound like much, you know, what with it being just a game and all that but, at the same time it is quality time with family and I think we all learn a little about each other from it and, yes, even perhaps grow a little as people because we all have rather strong personalities and we’ve got to learn to get along and get things done so, yes, it’s great fun blowing seven kinds of poo out of the bad guys, it’s also lovely to spend fun times with good people.

Now, today, bright and sunny and, warm! OK, we’re not talking about sunbathing weather here, oh Lord no, but 17°C is perfectly acceptable at any time of year and certainly for April with the promise of more to come.

I visited Robin, had a phone chat with my Dad and with my sister and highlight of day, had a long Skype with Randy. It’s almost frustrating, annoying, lovely and … I don’t know, several other things how I seem to consider Randy part of my present and future. It’s like something kicked in and just said to stop looking until I at least explore the possibility. This year, at some point, that will happen I can feel it in my bones, water or where ever we feel these things like it’s sort of just meant to be. Then again, I’ve got things totally wrong before but, before, I always had my doubts and this time, the doubts are normal doubts, the sort we’d have with someone living around the corner so, who knows?

Still have this chest infection, antibiotics were always too weak to really tackle it and my GP should know better so when they run out on Wednesday I suspect I shall have to ask for some stronger ones, oh sometimes I wish we could get them over the counter here like we can in other countries! But then, we’re the stupid damn country which dictates how much paracetamol we’re allowed to buy at any one time on the basis that we are bound to be wanting to kill ourselves if we buy more than 32! In context, that’s just 4 days supply so if someone has bad cold or flu, they cannot get them as soon as they start feeling rough to see them through the illness, they have to drag themselves out to go get some more! What a wonderful country we live in which restricts pain relief and tax’s cigarettes which someone can smoke every minute of the day until they get cancer! Surely if someone is going to kill themselves then better to let them do it quick and cheap than slow and unpleasant and great cost to the country?

No idea why I got on that subject, I don’t even need pain relief at the moment so, anyway …

Dinner smells nice, bangers and mash with carve it gravy.

I was listening to the Archers earlier (it was on) and they did an Easter thing, a religious bit, prayers and stuff and, I don’t think all that ‘thou art wonderful and should be blessed’ ever really works with me. I mean, if I created everything, I mean, you know, there was nothing and then there was everything, all the giving thanks and so on would really be grating about now, well, probably several thousand years back actually. I can’t imagine any God doing all that creation for the glory, power and adulation of it all. So, I’d rather carry on with my own belief structure which is far more ordinary and basic and makes a lot more sense. We are born, we live our life doing whatever we think is right and we’re judged at the end of it and what happens then is either because we screwed up (possibly again) or not or we still have more to learn … that sort of thing and that, somewhere out there someone does some monitoring and might, in some small but significant way, be able to affect some outcomes and, to be honest with you, I don’t think they’re much different from us because I know some of the answers I’ve got have been the right answers but with a cunning twist as if to say, you for what you asked for but, you should have been more specific. I imagine a lot of laughter on that higher level of existing  🙂

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